Personal Projects

Projects that I am proud of are below

CatGame the CatGame

June 2020 – Present

Currently I am working on a game on my free time. It is being built for Android devices using Kotlin.

Kotlin, SQLite, Android, Android Studio

  • This idea is 100% organically me.
  • All art will be done by me.
  • All music for the game will be done by me.
  • Programming will be done by me an a friend Killian.

Tutor Sign-In Program

Aug/Sept 19′

I used VBA and Excel to redesign the tutoring sign-in program

VBA, Excel, Photoshop

  • Redeveloped the sign-in program for a tutoring center. The program was originally built in 3 hours leading to many errors and inconsistencies. I decided it was time for change!
  • Programmed in VBA for Excel. This was requested by the client.
  • Reduced paper waste by storing data rather than the old system of manual look-ups.
  • Increased productivity due to saved information and a new auto population option.
  • Solved major bugs including if the program was closed all data was lost. It now auto saves and repopulates the correct data when the program/form is reopened.
  • Redesigned the program aesthetically to a naturally pleasing color for extended use.
  • Added an auto update feature. If a student is new they are automatically added. If they need their information updated, signing them in updates it. If new programs/ pronouns etc get added they are added for all students to use if needed.


Feb 19′

I built a game for Google Play in Android Studio. It’s a little pet you take care of!

Java, Android Studio, Android SDK, Photoshop

Github – TamaPet

  • I did this project so I could start learning Android development and the Android SDK. I learned, developed, and published this project in under a week.
  • This was programmed using Java and using different simple objects like XML etc.
  • I did all the artwork as well in Photoshop.
  • There is a dynamic setup with the game where there is always something modifying your character to create a challenging game while still being VERY simple to program.

Emotional Text

2017 – 2019

I built a machine learning program that gives you a fuzzy logic on the overall emotion of a given text.

Python, Numpy, SKLearn, MatPlotLib, WordNet

Github – Emotional Text

  • I developed this idea from scratch based on my life goal of contributing to AI esp in regards to mimicking or to better understand human emotions
  • Originally it was used to find words using WordNet (a really cool lexical database) But I found that it did not suit my needs. The organization or relational database of words did not support emotional connotation or how words and emotions are also tightly related to colors.
  • I took a machine learning class and continued to work on this but using the NRC Word-Emotion Association Lexicon.
  • I used this project to get a strong foundation of Machine Learning.
  • I used functions like SGD Modifier, Cross Validation, Base Estimator, Never ‘8’ Classifier, Confusion Matrix, Precision and Recall, F1 score and threshold curve.
  • WIP


Jul 19′

I built a simple calorie keeper for Google Play in Android Studio.

Kotlin, SQLite, Android Studio, Android SDK, Photoshop

Github – CalorieKeeper

  • I wanted to learn Kotlin as there is a shift from Java to it so I made this.
  • I also wanted to start strengthening my SQL skills so I implemented a simple SQLite